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Control your inventory and increase your sales


Work From Everywhere

Accessing your inventory is simpler than ever! GC is accessible from any device, anywhere and 24/7.



GemCloud replaces long and burdensome manual processes, reduces lead time increasing your chances to convert a sale.



GemCloud is the newest generation of ERP, designed with fresh and modern visuals and intuitive icons and with simple “click” operations.


Control Your

With google like search functions GemCloud allows you to make sure you have the right inventory to satisfy your clients as well as receive insightful reports on your sales.



GemCloud is your launchpad to a global network of distributors – sync your inventory into global marketplaces.



Your business in a dashboard

You can quickly monitor your sales, value your stock, and save time that you can dedicate to growing your business.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Gemcloud greatly helps us to organize and manage our inventory. When there is an order from customers we can easily find the products including sending photos to our international customers.”

Tanawat Khankaew, Tawee Gems

“We’ve been using Gemcloud for about 6 months. It’s super easy and user friendly. We can search our gemstones and share all of their details and videos in seconds. The support team provides quick help when it’s needed. It’s really an amazing product. Highly recommended for people who are interested in managing a large inventory”

Kyrylo Gubariev, Tsarina Gems

GemCloud has a fully integrated service that makes it very convenient to buy and sell valuable gemstones in the online market. One of the key strengths that GemCloud has is it’s in-house laboratory to grade and verify the authenticity of gemstones. This ensures that all gemstones in the platform are genuine.

Badin Durongkapitaya, Premier Gems



Manage a quick and easy process of checking in new stock, barcoding, and easily tracking it. You will have secure and easy access to your customers, your suppliers and your stock movements while automatically receiving reminders about payments and deadlines.


Barcode and

Automatic label creation and
easy access with barcode


Split, Transform
and Merge

Split, transform and merge
parcels/single gemstones and keep track of historical records.


Customer and
Supplier Management

Keep historical data of each transaction with customers, suppliers and partners. Automatic alerts for due payments and



Easily audit your inventory status from your office, while on a sales trip, or during a gem show.


Export Data

Import inventory into the system from a spreadsheet.


Image, MP4 Video,
360 video

Attach photos and videos to your inventory or let one of our partner Laboratories do it for you.


Advance Search

Quickly search stock using advanced filters  – as easy as a google search.  This will save you valuable time while you are in front of customers.


with Laboratories

Easily send gemstones to integrated partner laboratories and automatically receive photos  videos and certificates straight into the platform.


Sales Tool

GemCloud signature features will help you boost sales, move your stock faster and gain global visibility. You will cut your travelling costs and you won’t need to wait for the next gem show. GemCloud will help you stay in touch with your clients and show your new stock in real time.


Share Interactive
Quotations in Just a few Clicks

Create a list of gemstones matching customer requirements and generate temporary interactive quotations.


Sync in Real Time
With Marketplaces

GemCloud multiplies your selling network by giving you the option to sync inventory with a global marketplace. Sell while you sleep.



Set up different prices for different types of clients.




GemCloud gives you an overview of your finances in real time so you know exactly how much money you are making on every transaction. You will be able to quickly and easily create invoices with your logo and get automatic payment reminders.


Memos, Quotations
and Invoices

Issue quotations and invoices semi automatically in a professional format with just a few clicks.



Track who owes you money in real time.



Automatic reminders for due memos and payments will remind you to act.



Visible from any device, GemCloud provides you with a visual overview of your entire business. You will never again be caught off guard.



Your business in a dashboard, gain insight on your margins and  your costs.



Auto analyze data about your gross margins giving you great decision-making tools.



GemCloud allows you to set up different levels of access  by different users.




GemCloud protects your privacy. Using  dual factor authentication and hash database encryption you can be reassured that your confidential information is visible only to you and to your select team members.


Multi-user with
different access level

GemCloud allows you to set up different level of information’s accessibility by different users.


Multi-Layer of
access control

Secure login with dual factor authentication with device IP registration.



All your sensitive data are protected using the highest level of encryption AES-256 bit hash encryption. 

GemCloud Plans & Pricing


We guarantee you that this will change your entire business.


USD 89.99/Month


USD 960/Year

US 1080/Year

*Price is US 40/m for each additional user


  • We do not have access to any of your private data and neither does anybody else. 
  • Our database employs state of the art security measures for sensitive data including AES-256 bit hash encryption so nobody is getting to your confidential data except for you.
  • Our application uses dual factor authentication to register your computer to your account so you must authorize new devices before they can log in.

GemCloud supports bulk inventory upload from Microsoft Excel files. So long as you can export your inventory into an Excel file, you can upload it to the GemCloud platform.

  • When using our platform you will receive unlimited web based training for one month.
  • On site training is available for a fee.

We are 100% committed to making sure that you are able to smoothly transition your business into the future. 

    • First tier support is offered via scheduled one on one training with our support staff where you will be able to schedule unlimited training sessions for the first month.
    • Second tier support is offered by ticketing which is usually responded to within 2  hours.
    • GemCloud also has an extensive online help center that will help guide you through most challenges.

After signing up with us, we will conduct a brief KYC which is usually completed within 48 hours. After this we will register your user account and help you get your inventory into the platform.

GemCloud will transform your business;

    • Stock counting & tracking
    • Share inventory with customers
    • Your business at a glance dashboard
    • Google like inventory search
    • Real time profit Reports
    • Can link to Gemsfeed; Sell while you sleep.
    • Reminders about payments & memos
    • Semi-automatic invoice and memo creation
    • Inventory statistics
    • Multiple users with different levels of access
    • Track stock through transformative processes to calculate, costs, yields and keep traceability

Yes, GemCloud supports both colored gemstones and diamonds.

Not only does GemCloud support rough parcels, it also supports manufacturing processes while inheriting traceability information from mother parcels. Entire cutting factories use the GemCloud system to manage their operations and track gemstone provenance.

No. GemCloud is a cloud based application and requires an internet connection to connect to Amazon’s web servers where our databases are hosted. You can use GemCloud anywhere that you can get internet to your cell phone.

  • Computers and tablets.
  • We will be introducing a mobile app shortly.

About Gemcloud

GemCloud is a software company developing products specifically tailored for the colored gemstone industry.

GemCloud was founded by a group of Gemstone experts from all areas of the industry in partnership with the creators of one of the world’s leading jewelry manufacturing systems. We hope to transform the industry by creating so much value for each of our vendors that their businesses basically run themselves.

Gemcloud’s Enterprise Resource Planning software revolutionizes the management of colored gemstone inventory for gemstone producers and traders. The platform makes managing stock extremely easy and allows vendors to automate many operations most tedious functions. Traders can discover brand new insights into their inventory and their business such as real time margin calculations on sales and pricing.

Thailand Office

1249/116 Gems Tower, 10th Floor, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Tel: +66 61 421 5993 (GMT +7)

UK Office

39 Greville Street, London EC1N 8PJ, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7967 385 449 (GMT +1)

Tel: +66 61 421 5993 (GMT+7)

Tel: +44 20 75 72 1200 (GMT+1)


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GemCloud Unveils Gemolith!

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We are so excited to be part of JNA Awards 2020 (@jna_awards) as one of Honourees for Industry Innovation of the Year – Technology category! Join us on the global live ceremony on 27 October 8pm (UTC+8)

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#Repost @jewelleryandgemfair Catch industry experts live on our webinar, “Tech Talk: Diamonds and Gemstones,” on 27 October (Tuesday) at 12noon, HK time (8am GST, 9:30pm IST).
This Jewellery & Gem Digital World webinar will feature an expert panel consisting of JNA Awards 2020 Honourees and past Recipients namely, Veronica Favoroso, CEO of GemCloud Software Ltd; Jim Duffy, CEO of Tracr; Li Chongjie, CEO of China Stone Co Ltd, and Daniel Nyfeler, Managing Director of Gübelin Gem Lab. Nirupa Bhatt, Senior Advisor of GIA India, will serve as the moderator.
Powered by the Jewellery & Gem Knowledge Community and organised by the JNA Awards, the webinar is part of J&G Digital World’s slate of virtual programming. The live webinar and on-demand content covers broad themes during the B2B virtual marketplace’s live days, namely Innovation (27 October), Trend Watch (28 October) and Education (29 October). JNA Awards 2020 will also reveal its award Recipients in a virtual presentation scheduled for 27 October from 8pm to 9pm, HK time.

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GemCloud makes your Monday great again! Send professional interactive quotations to your customers in 20 seconds!

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Over 10 years experience in the gemstone industry! Meet Russia, product manager of GemCloud, sharing her working experience with GemCloud

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Need help to digitize your gemstone inventory with 360 videos? 
Contact us for more information.

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No more complicated operations! Easily send gemstones to GemCloud's authorized laboratory🔬

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ALERT! Happy Tourmaline Month! Send interactive quotations with Tourmaline to your clients. 

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from GemCloud! Sending you the best wishes for happiness, wealth and prosperity throughout the new moon.

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GemCloud on @vo_plus 👏🏻 Thank you @federica_editor

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Hit the BINGO and win a free software demo from GemCloud!

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