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  • We do not have access to any of your private data and neither does anybody else.
  • Our database employs state of the art security measures for sensitive data including AES-256 bit hash encryption
    so nobody is getting to your confidential data except for you.
  • Our application uses dual factor authentication to register your computer to your account so you must authorize
    new devices before they can log in.

GemCloud supports bulk inventory upload from Microsoft Excel files. So long as you can export your inventory into an Excel file, you can upload it to the GemCloud platform.

  • When using our platform you will receive unlimited web based training for one month.
  • On site training is available for a fee.

We are 100% committed to making sure that you are able to smoothly transition your business into the future. 

  • First tier support is offered via scheduled one on one training with our support staff where you will be able to schedule unlimited training sessions for the first month.
  • Second tier support is offered by ticketing which is usually responded to within 2  hours.
  • GemCloud also has an extensive online help center that will help guide you through most challenges.

After signing up with us, we will conduct a brief KYC which is usually completed within 48 hours. After this we will register your user account and help you get your inventory into the platform.

GemCloud will transform your business;

  • Stock counting & tracking
  • Share inventory with customers
  • Your business at a glance dashboard
  • Google like inventory search
  • Real time profit Reports
  • Can link to Gemsfeed; Sell while you sleep.
  • Reminders about payments & memos
  • Semi-automatic invoice and memo creation
  • Inventory statistics
  • Multiple users with different levels of access
  • Track stock through transformative processes to calculate, costs, yields and keep traceability

Yes, GemCloud supports both colored gemstones and diamonds.

Not only does GemCloud support rough parcels, it also supports manufacturing processes while inheriting traceability information from mother parcels. Entire cutting factories use the GemCloud system to manage their operations and track gemstone provenance.

No. GemCloud is a cloud based application and requires an internet connection to connect to Amazon’s web servers where our databases are hosted. You can use GemCloud anywhere that you can get internet to your cell phone.

  • Computers and tablets.
  • We will be introducing a mobile app shortly.
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