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Customer stories

See how businesses small and large use the GemCloud to change the way they work.


“GemCloud greatly helps us to organize and manage our inventory. When there is an order from customers we can easily find the products including sending photos to our international customers.”

Tanawat Khankaew,

Tawee Gems

Customer Stories

“We’ve been using GemCloud for about 6 months. It’s super easy and user friendly. We can search our gemstones and share all of their details and videos in seconds. The support team provides quick help when it’s needed. It’s really an amazing product. Highly recommended for people who are interested in managing a large inventory”

Alexey Burlakov,

Tsarina Gems


GemCloud has digitized our inventory to make it available to people who sign up and register to be an account holder on our own ecommerce platform. It means one doesn’t have to jump on a plane to Bangkok every time he wants to make a purchase or see something.

Hayley Henning,

Greenland Ruby

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